What is bounce rate?

If you are using online advertising to promote your website then you might come across the term bounce rate. This essentially refers to the system where a visitor visits your website but leaves from the single page itself. You may experience bouncing if the visitor shuts down the page or visits another website, without going through the other pages of your website. If the visitor’s session times out then that is also considered as bouncing unless you have a single page website only. A website that has a high bounce rate indicates that it was not effective enough to hold the target consumer’s interest for long. A bounce rate of 50 percent is considered to be all right but if it is more than 60 percent than it is important to take necessary action.

 Website owners use bounce rate to see if their website is effective enough or not. If the bounce rate is high then they can make the necessary changes to improve it and get better result.  A website that has a low bounce rate indicates that the entry page is able to hold the visitor’s interest better and he delves deeper into the website. This is considered to be better for your website.